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Davis Gelatine recipe book

Front cover

An interesting recipe book issued by Davis Gelatine Ltd of Warwick showing how to use their products. Entitled "Desserts, Salads and Savoury dishes, the Davis Gelatine Way" it comprises 28 pages of recipes and photographs. Many photographs are full page size with several 2 to a page and also many pages just of the recipes. It also includes tips on such things as "diabetic recipes" and "How to use Pineapple", also a "Hints Worth Remembering" page.

Size 16 x 11.5cms with a paper covers featuring colour photos of possible dishes to prepare. There is no date but we think it is probably from the 60's or 70's.

We have quite a few of these and they came from a retired domestic science teacher and so presumably they were issued by Davis so that they could be given out to the school pupils in their cookery lessons.

Price 5.00. UK postage & packing 1.10.