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Vintage Treasures
Vintage Kitchenalia & Country Style
These are some of the items from our range of vintage kitchenalia
White banded jugs White banded jugs, various prices.
Enamel kitchenware Link to enamelware items
French container set Chrome French container set
Cake icing 'Dividing Rings' Cake icing
French storage tins Set of French storage tins
Kleen Kitchen Ware Kleen Kitchen Ware
White straight sided jugs White straight sided jugs, various prices.
Cookery Books etc Link to old cookery books and other kitchen documents
Oxo advertising items Oxo advertising items
Sandwich markers Sandwich markers
French cheese moulds French cheese moulds
Sausage advertising sign Pork Sausage advertising sign
Old wooden spoons Vintage wooden spoons
Vintage rolling pins Vintage rolling pins
Skyline utensils Skyline kitchen utensils